About Gabriel


Gabriel McArthur was born at St. Joseph's hospital in Denver, CO all the way back in the olden days of 1991. He spent much of his early childhood in Aurora, CO, where his maternal family migrated from The Philippines in the early sixties.  Born to young parents, and becoming one himself at the age of 18 at the height of the great recession, he opted not to attend college to avoid the debt he saw plague many of his friends. Opting instead to try and make ends meet, his experiences in the workforce were the catalyst for his political involvement.

For several years he worked as a contracted supervisor with a major American airline, where the long hours, low pay, and lack of representation for his employees taught him the value of labor. He then worked as a mortgage modification specialist (also contracted) for one of the major banks responsible for the crash. Every day, he spoke with people who were losing their homes as a result of lax banking regulations and predatory lending. For every homeowner who lost their home to irresponsible spending, there were hundreds more who lost their homes to medical debt, inadequate fixed incomes, ballooning mortgage payments, and countless other scenarios they couldn't control. Before he was laid off with hundreds of others, he worked for a for-profit college where, in retrospect, his job was to prey on the aspirations of everyday Americans by harassing them with phone calls and manipulating them to enroll in a school that provided almost useless college credits that are rarely recognized at accredited institutions. No, it wasn't Trump university, but the reason for the mass layoffs was that this school was found to falsify graduation and post-graduation employment rates. Through these experiences, Gabriel knew that something had to change, but he wasn't sure how he could help. That all changed in 2016.

Wanting to understand the primary process on a deeper level, and energized by the presidential campaign for Senator Bernie Sanders, Gabriel ran for a spot as delegate to the Democratic National Convention. Despite having no political connections and little funds to campaign with, the voters of Colorado congressional district seven selected him as one of their delegates to the convention. Though he succeeded in the goal of learning more about the process, the glaring partiality by many local and national party officials and the superficiality of the nominating convention inspired a larger purpose moving forward; to reform our political process.

Why This Campaign?

Leading up to the election of 2016, voter trust was already dismally low for a multitude of reasons. Since then, through the circus that Washington, D.C. has become, it seems to have only dropped further.

This campaign is about looking to the future, and bringing the people of Colorado into a discussion centered around how we can make them confident in the democratic process again.

As a Colorado native having lived in many different regions around the state, I appreciate the unique spectrum of political views voters fall into. Some may hold a mixture of views that could be considered right or left, depending on each issue. While I'm a Democratic candidate, it's important to me that all viewpoints are heard in the secretary of state's office. I'm excited by the passing of open primaries in our state, and I want to make sure they, like all elections are implemented as simply and conveniently as possible.

Whether it be fine tuning processes that work well, or rethinking processes that could work more efficiently, this campaign is about making the secretary of state's office more accessible than ever before. 

The secretary of state's office should be utilizing new media in interesting and thoughtful ways to keep Coloradans informed and engaged about all their services, from elections to business services. 

I'm excited to speak with citizens all over this state to learn more about ways they'd like to see Colorado become a torchbearer in the future of our democracy.